Male Vs Female Dwarf Gourami: How Do You Differentiate Them?

All of the Dwarf Gourami’s look the same, and it is hard enough to differentiate male vs female Dwarf Gourami.

Adult time is most critical to find out the gender. But, there have some differences you will find between them to find out the gender of this fish.

So, what are the differences between male and female Dwarf Gouramis? First of all, you will have different male and female Dwarf Gouramis by their physical structure and behavior. 

The majority of the Dwarf comes in verities of colorful shapes. On the other hand, female dwarfs come in fewer colors and sizes. Most importantly, males are more aggressive than female Dwarfs.

This is a simple answer for you. But, if you think you need to get more information about hassle-free differences between these fish (male or female), you can stay connected to get further information.

male vs female dwarf gourami

Male Vs Female Dwarf Gourami: Key Differences

You will find plenty of symptoms from this fish to find out whether the fish is male or female easily.

Whatever, I would love to introduce you to the 7 most common things that help you make a perfect difference. So, let’s get started.

So, check out the following common things without searching here and there.

1. Body Shape

The body shape or designs of both male and female Dwarfs comes in different shapes. However, the male is slightly smaller than the female. 

The male also comes with more angular bodies than a female Dwarf.

2. Size

Of course, male and female Dwarfs come in small sizes. But, they have some little difference in size. 

However, their average size is 3.5-inches. But, the male comes in a larger size than the female. Though male Dwarf comes in large sizes, it is not much different.

3. Body Color

Color is an essential part that comes with different things between males and females.

However, male Dwarf comes with a brighter color than the female Dwarf. Typically, the male comes with blue or black coloration on the face and throat.

On the contrary, the female Dwarf doesn’t come with bright colors, and you will always find them with dull colors. 

The basic color of a female Dwarf comes with a silver look, and sometimes they have white color. So, it is easy enough for you to check out the fish color.

4. Fin Shape

If you think that the above signs are not working for you to differentiate the male or female Dwarf, you can check out this sign. 

Their dorsal fins are far better, and of course, you can easily find the male or female Dwarf with this sign.

However, male Dwarf comes with longer dorsal fins than female ones. That’s the point which you can note to find out the male or female Dwarf. 

Whereas, you will discover a short dorsal fin from a female.

5. Breeding Behavior

You can measure this factor to differentiate  out male and female. Males are building bubble nests which helps them to feed.

Moreover, males also keep caring for eggs and take care of other Dwarfs.

In addition, a female Dwarf helps the male to breed and take care of eggs. In breeding behavior, males are not as aggressive as females.

6. Territorial

Males have also known their territorial aggression. They often fight with other fishes. You never see a female fight against other fishes. 

So, you can also find out whether the male or female Dwarf is using this factor. You just need to keep watching for nearly 2-days to work on this section.

7. Aggressive

Behavior is an important part that most people use to find out about male or female fish and some other species. 

Males are more aggressive than females. You will notice that males swim and search for food faster than female fish.

On the other hand, females come with cool behavior, stay in a single place, and spend lots of time. You may easily identify  the female. 

Comparison Table Male Vs Female Dwarf Gourami

Male Dwarf GouramisFemale Dwarf Gouramis
Males are more aggressive than femaleFemales are less aggressive than males
They take care the eggsThey never take care the eggs
The male Dwarf comes with more colorfulThe females are dull and less colorful
Of course, males are large enoughThey are little small than males

I hope this table or chart helps you with hassle-free differences. If you are still confused about this matter, without thinking anymore, you can contact us.

Ideal Ratio to Keep Male and Female Dwarf Gourami

It is perfectly said that you can keep the ratio of male and female to 1:1. But you can’t keep two male or single female Dwarfs in a tank.

Because the males are aggressive and do not stay under one tank. But what is the ratio of males and females?

Well, you can keep one male and two female Dwarf Gourami under 1 tank without getting any problems.

The ratio of males and females under 1 tank should be 1:2. You should not go more than a ratio of 1:2 because of aggressive and other problems.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can male and female dwarf gourami live together?

Answer: Yes, the male and female Dwarf live together. The ratio should be 1:2. You can keep one male and two females under a tank without facing any problems. But, you should not keep multiple Dwarfs under 1 tank.

Q: Can you mix different dwarf gouramis?

Answer: You can mix different Dwarf gouramis because they come from common species. However, it would help if you did not mix lots of males or females because of aggression. That’s why you can keep a 1:2 ratio of Dwarf male and female on the tank.

Q: How many male dwarf gouramis are in a tank?

Answer: You can keep a male Dwarf gourami maximum of 4. But, keeping one male and two females is standard.

When you keep multiple male Dwarfs on the tank, they are sometimes aggressive and destroy the ecosystem.