Can Plecos and Shrimp Live Together?

Plecos and Shrimp are two different species, and they always come with calm behavior.

So, can Plecos and Shrimp live together?

Plecos and shrimp can live together. Plecos don’t eat Shrimp and also avoid aggressive behavior. Even Plecos and Shrimp live in different places in the tanks, such as the bottom and middle. So, they never harm each other on the tank.

You may be happy to hear that Plecos don’t eat large or small sizes of Shrimp, which means you can keep any size of the Shrimp with Plecos.

Can Plecos and Shrimp Live Together

Can Plecos and Shrimp Live Together?

Plecos and Shrimp live together without any doubts. Because Plecos don’t eat Shrimp, even large shrimps, similarly, Plecos never behave aggressively with Shrimp which may be harmful to both of them.

So, Can You Keep a Pleco and Shrimp in The Same Tank?

Undoubtedly, you can keep a Pleco and Shrimp in the same tank. Though Shrimp and Plecos come from different species, they stay together comfortably.

Moreover, Plecos and Shrimp live in different places in the tank. Plecos live in the middle section of the tank, and Shrimp stay in the bottom section, so they never behave aggressively with each other.

Furthermore, the Pleco and Shrimp hide under the ample. If you are using ample properly on the tank, both of the species Pleco and Shrimp stay more comfortably.

Do Plecos Eat Shrimp?

No, Plecos never eat Shrimp; even small-size shrimp are also safe from Plecos. Plecos and Shrimp come from two different species and stay in different places in the tank.

The Plecos and Shrimp are also clam types of fishes that never attract each other, which also keeps them safe Shrimp from Plecos.

So, you can comfortably keep Plecos with Shrimp without eating problems.

So, Are Shrimp Safe with Bristlenose Plecos?

You will discover plenty of fish that don’t eat Shrimp, and Bristlenose is one of them. But, Bristlenose stops breeding when it comes with other fishes.

So, I personally suggest you avoid keeping Shrimp with Bristlenose Plecos.

In addition, shrimp are safe with Bristlenose Plecos because of their behavior and are not attractive to eat.

But, it would be better for you to use a large tank so that they can get proper living space. 

Bristlenose Plecos with Cherry Shrimp

Bristlenose Plecos and Cherry Shrimp are two different kinds of fish. Both of the fishes are suitable for the aquarium to live in.

But what happens when you keep both Bristlenose Plecos with Cherry Shrimp? It doesn’t harm each other.

The living conditions, behavior, shape, and nature make them different but help them stay together.

Most importantly, Cherry Shrimp live at the bottom of the tank, and Bristlenose Plecos live in the middle section of the tank, which differ easily and safely.

Tips to Keep Plecos & Shrimp Together

Before keeping them together, you should follow some tips and tricks. I collected some professional tips and tricks to keep Plecos and Shrimp together. So, check out the following points and applied in your Plecos and Shrimp.

  • If possible, try to choose a large size tank minimum of 20-gallons of water.
  • Use some ample so that the fishes are easily hiding each other when they feel a thread
  • Try to keep large-size shrimp so that Plecos don’t feel any attraction to eat Shrimp.


Do Plecos Eat Ghost Shrimp?

No, Plecos never eat ghost shrimp. Even Plceos don’t eat any species of Shrimp. Ghost Shrimp is a type of Shrimp, and it is also rare on the water.

Though it looks different and comes from different species of Plecos, the Plecos or any types of Plecos never eat the Ghost Shrimp.

When you keep small or large-size Ghost Shrimp, the Plecos easily avoid them. The behavior and eating habits of Plecos thought that Ghost Shrimps are relative, and they never see them as food.

Will Plecos Eat Shrimp Eggs?

Plecos never eat Shrimp and Shrimp eggs in any kind of condition. First of all, Shrimp live in the middle section, and they don’t love to go to the bottom of the tank.

Moreover, they always avoid seeing the bottom section, which protects Shrimp and their eggs.

On the other hand, Shrimp lives at the bottom of the water and lay eggs on the bottom side of the tanks, which also protects them from Plecos.

Actually, Plecos aren’t interested in Shrimp and Shrimp eggs; that’s why Shrimp eggs are completely safe from Plecos.

When Do Plecos Eat Shrimp?

There are some common signs you can check out in the following section to know why Plecos don’t eat Shrimp.

The straightforward answer is that Plecos don’t eat Shrimp. Why don’t they eat Shrimp? You will break down the following points to get a clear concept.

  • First of all, Plecos thought that shrimps were their tankmate, and that’s why they don’t try to eat Shrimp
  • It is hard enough to catch Shrimp for Plecos; that’s why they avoid Shrimp
  • They don’t live the same place in the tank and don’t attract to eating Shrimp
  • The other species of their origin is another reason that Plecos avoid eating Shrimp