Can You Put Plecos With Other Fish?

Plecos are a claimed fish that loves to stay in hassle-free weather. They always love to peach and, of course, stay with some other fish without creating any problems.

But do Plecos eat other fish and Can You Put Plecos With Other Fish? I know you have this question in your mind.

You can put Plecos with other fish. Plecos never eat other fishes and don’t attack other fishes too. They usually stay away from other fish so that they keep themselves happy.

But, it is also true that Plecos attack other fishes when they thought that other fishes were aggressive toward them.

Let’s learn in detail about this question so that you can make the right decision to keep other fishes with Plecos or not.

Can You Put Plecos With Other Fish

Can You Put Plecos With Other Fish? (Do Plecos Eat Other Fish)

Plecos are pleased to fish in your aquarium and easily stay with some of the fishes. But, it is also true that you can’t keep all of the fish in one aquarium with Plecos fish.

Plecos are friendly unless the other fishes attack them. This type of this allows other fish to stay together without facing any problems.

However, from this section, you will get a complete solution about this matter so that you can easily clear your confusion and make the right decision. So, let’s get started with the article right now.

Fish Can’t Keep with Plecos

Unfortunately, you can only keep some of the species of fish with Plecos. Here, you will get a simple list of the fishes which you should avoid to keep with Plecos without thinking anymore.

-First of all, you need to avoid aggressive fishes like cichlids, crayfish, etc., from your tank

-Keeping goldfish in the tank with Plecos should be avoidable because of aggressive behavior and other problems.

-Don’t keep bottom-feeding fish because Plecos love to eat bottom-feeding fish.

-It would be better for you to avoid small-size fish because most of the small-size fish come with highly territorial.

These 4-points are primary points that you need to keep in mind to keep your Plecos with other fishes.

Most importantly, you should avoid aggressive fish without any reason.

Do Plecos Eat Other Plecos?

Yes, Plecos eat other plecos’ flesh. But, they eat flesh when other plecos are dead, and the body stays at the bottom of the tank.

They never eat other plecos’ flesh when they are alive and stay above or middle side of the tank.

Similarly, Plecos love to eat fish, and they don’t understand their relatives’ fish. They are unable to understand that it is another Plecos.

Overall, the answer is that Plecos eat other Plecos fish when they are dead.

Do Plecos Eat Baby Fish?

The answer is no. Plecos don’t eat babies or large-size fish. But, when the fishes are dead, and their body stays on the bottom sides of the tank, Plecos eat the fish.

Plecos never eat flesh when the fish or other insects live in the tank. So, you can easily keep baby fish with Plecos without getting any problems.

Why Do Plecos Attack Other Fish?

Plecos eat other fish flesh because they are territorial toward each other. Generally, they are peach and always calm on the tank and never behave aggressively.

That’s why the users can keep multiple fishes with Plecos without eating problems.

When they thought that the other fishes were aggressive and attacked Plecos, they also attacked and ate them.

Moreover, the dead fishes are also favorites of Plecos, and they love to eat the dead body of the fish.

Here are some important points you will get that will help you understand why Plecos eat other fishes.

Food Scarcity: One of the most important problems for Plecos is eating other fishes. They need time-to-time feed; otherwise, they eat other fish.

Illness: Illness makes Plecos stressed and hungry, which also teaches them to eat other fish in the tank.

Stress: Stress is another primary reason which is the reason that Plceos eat other fishes in the tank.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What fish do plecos eat?

Answer: Plecos eat other plecos’ flesh when they are dead. On the other hand, plecos also eat the bottom-feeding fishes as well as small size aggressive fishes.

Moreover, I found some of the specific fishes I found which plecos love to eat and the list of the fish you will get in the above section.

Wrapping Up

Do Plecos eat other fish? If your mind is raising this question, you must understand that you can avoid some fishes and keep so many fishes with the Plecos.

However, it would help if you did not keep aggressive fish, bottom-feeding fish, and small-sized fish with Plecos because of eating problems.

The above article helps you a lot to get a clear concept about this matter. If you still need clarification about this matter, you let me know in the following comment section.